The Association 1901 law SBL Strength Beyond Limits, non-profit, aims to familiarize the general public with the practice of STREET WORKOUT (also called CALISTHENICS)

This new sporting trend combining gymnastics and bodybuilding, is accessible to all, men and women, of different ages and different levels of physical preparation, is very rewarding because the progress is fast, and is a source of balance, this balance that one acquires through effort and surpassing oneself!

As part of our Association SBL we will offer you from 2018 regular RV, every month roughly depending on the weather, Spots chosen by our team, where you can get acquainted with the STREET WORKOUT and practice with our help.

The amount of the annual subscription to our Association SBL is 20 euros per person per year.
This annual fee gives you access to all our FREE SPORT RVs as well as our on-site coaching tips.
The Association also offers you our TEE SHIRT ASSOCIATION printed with our beautiful specific design: our front logo and our symbol figure on the back, priced at 20 euros (worth 30 euros).

For those who do not wish to join immediately our Association SBL, we will ask you a symbolic participation of 1 euro per person when you come to our “rendez-vous SPOT” for our expenses of logistics (rental of the van necessary to transport the Street Workout Module, in particular), so as not to disadvantage the Members of our Association compared to those who are not yet Members.

We are expecting you to join us!



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