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You probably know her!
Malin MALLE JANSSON ( @malinmallejansson ), the young and beautiful Swedish athlete!
Swedish Street Workout Champion / Calisthenics, Fitness Model and Coach!
We share today with you his opinion when to the side “VEGAN“!
Very interesting !
Here it is :

I did a storytelling (on my story), and if you missed it, here it comes in text!
Many of you knows that I eat vegetarian food, and that I’ve done it for 4 years now. And now there’s probably a bunch of you that will judge me, and you’re welcome to do that. I just want to be as transparent and honest with you about this.
So, 4 years ago I decided that I wanted to start eating only vegetarian, for the Environment and the animals, I didn’t want to be a part of the mass production. But also for my health, we know that eating a large quantities of red meat is not good for the body. So I thought, why not stop with everything?!
So I wanted to try, and in the beginning I felt amazing! I kept on working like before, worked out consistently (but not seriously like a pro athlete) and I started to feel lighter (lost 5 kg) and got more energized.
After about a year I decided to take my training more seriously, to start training and eating like a professional athlete. And I kept on eating vegetarian food like before.
But the months and years passed by, and I started to feel more tired, more low in energy, I didn’t recover as I should and I didn’t increase strength and muscles as I should. So I started to track everything I ate to make sure I get everything I need. And it was SO CLEAR that I didn’t eat enough protein. I tried for months to eat enough protein, but I couldn’t. I’m picky with food and I don’t eat large quantities (which you usually have to when eating vegetarian). It was so hard especially when I was traveling.. to get good high quality vegetarian protein when traveling is not to count on. So usually I pretty much lived on carbs and fat. I was on about 30 grams of protein deficit each day, which in the long run will be a pretty big deficit.
It’s hard to say a 100% that it’s only the protein deficit that made me not develop as I should have, that made me tired and low-energized, but in the end I felt it was worth trying to start eating meat again (at least chicken and fish)

Now after I’ve tried to eat chicken and fish for about 1 month, I can honestly say that I feel a big difference. I’ve become stronger (even tho I train as before), I feel more happy, energized and efficient.
It’s absolutely not that I don’t care about the environment and the animals anymore. I LOVE animals and will probably always do, but I’ve tried for 4 years and I was so convinced that it would work. But now that it didn’t, I can always contribute in other ways that are possible for me, such as donating, and using other vegan products for example.
I’m NOT saying that you can’t be a professional athlete, to build muscle etc as a vegetarian, because you can, but it requires much more time and planning to get to the optimal diet, and that time and energy I noticed I need to spent on other things.
This doesn’t mean that I will eat chicken or meat every day, I will still eat vegetarian sometimes, but I want to be as transparent and honest with you so it doesn’t come from anyone but me and you lose trust in me. And I’m absolutely not saying that vegans should start eating mean again, this is just a choice I made.
If you read all the way down to here, THANK YOU for your attention and if you’re a vegan or not, I hope you still want to follow me for my training. Love you all.
XO /Malle💙 ”



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