Wear a Sports Bra: an asset or not? @lea_sblpro‘s review:

Why Wear a Bra?

” – During a physical activity, the weight of the breasts can be multiplied by 5!
– Do not wear it can cause pain, therefore lead to loss of energy and performance.
– In the long term, sagging breasts (yes, take care!)
– Its wearing limits the risk of irritation and injuries caused by the repetition of movements.
– In addition, they are often very stylish! ”

What bra to put?

“There are several postures!
– Strong: That I use to do the running, of the collective sport.
– Medium: The one I use the most in Street Workout, especially agility.
– Low: During my Force and Stretching trainings.
Personally, I never practice sports without a bra. For me
this is essential !
And for you ? Tell me ! “

Photo brassière Nike Lea Depagneux SBLworkout
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