Our athlete Léa Depagneux opens her youtube channel!

She describes her sporting career with lots of new images.

She tells about her discovery of Street Workout and her progress in this new passion thanks to the S.B.L team and her determination.

You will also learn about his adventure in graduate studies, which helped him a lot in his practice. As well as the objectives of this channel.

Why a sudden urge to open his chain? She answers us:

“I would have liked so much, to have tutorials, motivation videos, advice presented by girls, to know their backgrounds and their difficulties in this discipline. Fortunately, I had the advice of the S.B.L. and more specifically Antoine Lacotte, who allowed me to progress quickly and to start in the right direction during my training. But that would have been a plus.

On this channel, I will try to make you his videos that I dreamed of so much. To share with practitioners of street workout my experience in this environment, my vision of things. All this with a view to motivating girls and boys, in order to support them in our common passion ”

Go take a look!
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