S.B.L Online Strength Battle 1 / The Results !

Hello everybody !

Thank you for your wonderful participation and commitment to this first version of the friendly S.B.L Online Strength Battle, despite the additional challenge of very short deadlines, due to the spontaneity of our event!

Again, a big thank you to our juries who have shown responsiveness and investment in the discipline :

Thomas KURGANOV ( @thomas_kurganov )
Alex BERINSKY ( @bar_in_sky )
Valera KISCHENKO (@valera_kischenko )
Semih ALTUNKAYNAK ( @semihaltnkynk )

Also of course a big thank you to the participating athletes and to the Street Workout community for making all of this possible!

We are pleased to announce below the winning podium of the two categories :

Amateur Category :

1ère place : @YANNICKGNZ
2ème place : @YVAN_SW
3ème place : @CRKM

Confirmed Category :

1ère place : @NIPON_SUSU
2ème place : @DWAIN_SW
3ème place : @BOB_SW_

Bravo to all, thanks to all these good energies the S.B.L Online Strength Battle was able to take place and was a success!

Hope to see you again soon, always as motivated, for the second Edition of this Friendly battle!

Team S.B.L


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