S.B.L Online Strength Battles, Round 1 !! 09/10 May 2020

Welcome to our new concept and new idea just for you!

Hi all ! Given the confinement, we had the idea to offer you a friendly ONLINE “battle”!
We will Qualify on video 8 athletes for an AMATEUR Battle, and 8 athletes for a CONFIRMED Battle!

Friendly, that is to say that there will be no professional or financial stake!
The challenge, in fact, is to allow you, wherever you live in the world, and whatever your means, to connect with each other, in order to exchange your performances and measure yourself ONLINE!
And so, this is the opportunity to showcase your talent, your work and your efforts!
Let’s go !!!!

How it will go ? :

-You have until Thursday 07 May, 6 p.m. (fr) for:
Post on INSTAGRAM a 45 sec video, without editing, no agility on
bar, and preferably filmed 3/4 at “body height” (for
visibility details)
* You will have to tag: @sbl_workout / #SBLworkout #SBLbattle!
* We will announce the qualified Thursday 07 MAY in the evening at the end of the deadline for qualifying videos, via a WEB article!
* Qualifiers must send us by private message: Last name, First name, Age, Country and ALSO your time zone!
* The battle draw will be done in Live INSTAGRAM at the end as well.
* We will meet 8 AMATEUR qualified athletes on Saturday, MAY 9, during the day for their battle (will depend on the time zones of the qualified)
* We will meet with the 8 CONFIRMED qualified athletes on Sunday MAY 10 during the day for their battle (will depend on the time zones of the qualified)
* The results of the Battles will be announced and posted on our WEBSITE Sunday May 10 in the evening (after the battles)
* It will result in 4 winning athletes for each category (8 total, amateur and confirmed) who will be qualified for Round 2 then the Final which will take place very soon!
* There will be 4 athletes jury who know the discipline, but a 5th who will be the spectator YOURSELF, to determine who will get the Style Point!
* The jury, will give, or not give THE point to the athlete, depending on who has judged the best!
* The jury will be spectators of the live
* The live will be hosted on @SBL_workout IG by one of the members of the S.B.L team, and the athlete who must perform his performance will be invited, then the other, ETC
* Each athlete will have two 45 second passes, without EDIT, preferably 3/4 camera and body height

1, 2, 3 , PARTICIPATE !!!!


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