Good morning all !

We thank from the bottom of our hearts all the athletes who played the game and tried to participate in our first edition of the S.B.L Online Strength Battle “friendly” version

We had a number of motivated people and the choice was tough!
So we proceeded to the draw of the battles just after the qualifications …

The Battles will take place in LIVESTREAM on the Instagram account

@sbl_workout !

Athletes will be invited to join Live one after the other!
The Juries will be Spectators of the Live!


Here they are !

Here is the list of Qualifiers with their Battle !

Confirmed / 3 Battles ( RDV DIM.10/05 à 6PM, FRANCE Time )

@nipon_susu from Bangkok, Thaïland ! VS @nikolov_bgg from Bulgaria !
@eymericnicolet from France ! VS @bob_sw_ from Johor, Asia !
@kourmel_yonko from France ! VS @dwain_sw from Guadeloupe !


Amateur / 4 Battles ( RDV Samedi 09/05 at 6PM, FRANCE Time )

@yvan_sw from Belgium ! VS @vesko_sw from Bulgaria !
@tolbear757 from Virginia ! VS @crkm_sw from Guadeloupe !
@tintin_sw from Guadeloupe ! VS @kalahan_champion1_barz from Belgium !
@yannickgnz from France ! VS @jeremie.s.w from France égaly !

And There you go !
Another big thank you to all, you have to answer present for this concept of sharing despite very short deadlines!
It will only give us the desire to improve all this for the next edition given the enthusiasm that you have proven to us, you, passionate about the discipline!
Street Workout is a great community!
It must be maintained and made to grow!


Team S.B.L


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